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Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Undergraduate Independent Studies

& Honor Theses Advised

University of British Columbia

2020: Elena Klimova: “Added benefit to executive functions of parent involvement in an El Sistema music program” (Undergraduate Honors Thesis) [but due to COVID-19 couldn’t do the study during winter 2020-21 as planned]

2016:  Shahab Zareyan: “COMT genotype differences in the effect of stress on executive functions.” First author on the 2021 paper in Cerebral Cortex (Undergraduate Honours Thesis)

2013-14: Andy Wright, Biochemistry student: "An effect of inhibitory load in children while keeping working memory load constant" (Undergraduate Honors Thesis) First author on the resulting 2014 paper in Frontiers in Psychology.

2007-08: Nancy Yu, Psychology student: “Is the Simon Effect attenuated in skilled pianists?"

2006-07: James Choi, Genetics student: “What underlies negative priming?”

2006-07: Cynda Ashton, Psychology student: “Development of aspects of self-regulation in 4 year olds”

At previous universities

All have been full-year projects except Levy and Wusinich (1992), Lisa Loewinger (1993-94), Lyngine Calizo (1994-95), Erin Clifford (1998), and Cynda Ashton (2007) who worked on their projects for only one semester.

Washington University
1986-87: Jeanne Gilbert: "Development as inhibitory control of action: Retrieval of a contiguous object." Presented at the Society for Research in Child Development Meeting, April, 1987. Published in Cognitive Development.
  Kim Rice: "Sex Differences in Frustration Tolerance in Infants."
1987-88: Kathryn Boyer: "A version of the Wisconsin Card Sort Test for use with preschool children, and an exploration of their sources of error." Presented at the International Neuropsychological Society Meeting, Feb., 1989. Paper in preparation presenting this work in combination with the work of Burgos (1991-92, below).
  Will Menaker: "An Analysis of Parental Behaviors that Affect the Quality of Infants' Attachment."
  Lisa Cruttenden & Debbie Neiderman: "Why have studies found better performance with multiple wells than with only two wells on the A-not-B task?" Presented at the Society for Research in Child Development Meeting, April, 1989. Paper published in Developmental Psychology.
University of Pennsylvania
1988-89: Greer Richardson & Joanne Rim: "The development of recognition memory in early infancy."
  James Rosenberg & Michael Cohen: "Parietal patients' use of the information to their eyes and their hands." Preliminary to work done in col laboration with Idit Trope, Robert Knight, & Branch Coslett.
  EunYoung Lee, "Inability of 5-month-old infants to retrieve a contiguous object: A failure of conceptual understanding or of control of action?" Paper published in, Child Development.
1989-90: Carolyn Towle & Jackie Hill: "Developmental progression in children aged 12-30 months on the delayed non-matching to sample task, a test of hippocampal memory function in adult monkeys and human amnesic patients." Presented at the Society for Research in Child Development Meeting, April, 1991. Paper published in Behavioral Neuroscience.
  George Shanno: "The development of self-ordered search through multiple boxes."
  Cristina Llamas & Jennifer Van Ness: "Development of frontal cortex abilities in children between 3-8 years of age." Presented at the Society for Research in Child Development Meeting, April, 1991.
1990-91: on leave Spring term; could not take on student advisees for year-long projects
1991-92: Emily Burgos: "Wisconsin Card Sort performance in 5-8 year old children." Presented at International Neuropsychology Society meeting.
  Nancy Levy & Nicole Wusinich, "The effect of reward on children's ability to match to sample with a delay."
  Elizabeth Donner: "An animal model of early-treated PKU." Presented at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, October, 1992. Paper published in the Journal of Neuroscience.
1992-93: Tamara Besarab: "Gender differences in moral development."
  Cigdem Tanikrut: "Global-local spatial processing in children." Accepted for the Society for Research in Child Development Meeting, March, 1993; not presented due to sudden illness.
  Angela Leonhard & Jennifer MacDonald: "The development of memory for location vs. memory for appearance in young children." Paper in preparation.
  Cherie Gerstadt & Yoonie Hong: "The development of memory and inhibitory control of action as indicated by children's performance on the Stroop Test." Paper published in Cognition.
1993-94: Lisa Loewinger: "Is grouping by abstract category rather than by functional context a product of schooling, or of lack of familiarity with the action context to which the words refer?," a study in college-age adults.
  Michelle Damon: "Are differences in infants' performance (over age, and between infants of the same age) on the visual paired comparison task due to how long infants can remember the sample or to how quickly they can encode it?"
  Hallie Ben-Horin & Majorie Gell: "Infants' memory for location and for appearance.” Paper in preparation.
1994-95: Randi Reich: "Differences between infant and adult cognition."
  Elizabeth Gomez & Karen Velazquez: "Issues Latino students encounter when they go away from home to college."
  Lyngine Calizo: "Development of fine motor skills in middle childhood" ( lab rotation in Neuroscience graduate program).
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1995-96: Anne Churchland & Lya Batlle: "What is the late-developing ability that accounts for the late emergence of success on the delayed nonmatching to sample task?" Presented at the Society for Neuroscience Mtg., Nov., 1996. Paper published in Developmental Psychology.
  Jeannie Markowitz: "Development of computerized versions of delayed nonmatching to sample and delayed matching to sample to be used with functional neuroimaging with children."
Wellesley College students at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center
1996-97: Karen Petersen & Cheri Harrell: "The delayed non-matching to sample task and the development of the ability to understand symbolic relationships."
Harvard University student at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center
1998: Erin Clifford: "Development of cognitive abilities dependent on the frontal lobe during the early years of life." (Directed reading.)
Brandeis Univ. & Boston College senior honors students at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center
2000-2001: Seth Cohen & Marsia Bixenman: “Task switching in children: A developmental study.” Presented at South Carolina Bicentennial Symposium on Attention, Columbia, SC, May 2001. Both awarded High Honors.
Smith College sophomore at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center
2001-2002: Emily Jacobs: “Development of the abilities to make use of informative cues and to apply strategies between 2-6 years of age”



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