Our Wonderful Presenters

To see the Biographical Sketches of our Presenters organized in alphabetical order, click here,
To see Presenters’ Biographical Sketches organized in the order in which they will be presenting, click here.

Names of those Presenting                      Brief Descriptors
  Ashli Akins Cultural Ecologist & Founder of Mosqoy, a non-profit working with the Quechua of the Peruvian Andes
  Dima Amso Developmental Cognitive Neuroscientist, Developmental Psychologist studying attention beginning in infancy
  Amy Arnsten Systems & Behavioral Neuroscientist. Expert on prefrontal cortex & the role of norepinephrine there
  Jansen Azarias-Suzumoto Co-Founder of Higher Ground, dedicated to building character & empowering disadvantaged youth
  Edith Bachmann As a high student conducted a study of the effects of storytelling on 4th graders' executive functions
  Fatimah Bahrami Karate Master, as a Neuroscience PhD student is studying karate's benefits for child development
  Mahzarin Banaji Studies dissociations between conscious attitudes and unconscious, implicit evaluations of social groups
  Radhika Bapat Clinical Psychologist in India, whose therapy relies on contextual storytelling & indigenous metaphors
  Liz Barrett Learning & Educator Support Specialist working with Indigenous peoples across Canada with JUMP Math
  Tal Ben-Soussan Cognitive Neuroscientist; neurophysiological, molecular, & psychological effects of Quadrato Motor Training
  Richard Biegel Founded MindEDU, where eminent developmental researchers distill their findings for parents & educators
  Judith Black Storyteller extraordinaire; for 35 years has been using stories to motivate, humanize, entertain, & teach
  Elena Bodrova Co-Founder & Co-Director, Tools of the Mind; trained under Luria & protégés of Vygotsky
  Bidyut Bose Founder & Executive Director, Niroga Inst., a non-profit bringing dynamic mindfulness to >½ million students
  Silvia Bunge Cognitive Neuroscientist; her lab draws from cog. neurosci., developmental psychology, & education research
  Carol-Anne Bush K-12 Educator; co-author of book, Executive Function Skills in the Classroom: Overcoming Barriers, Building Strategies
  California Dance Institute

CDI is a non-profit arts education program instilling confidence, discipline, & focus through dance  
  BJ Casey Developmental Cognitive Neuroscientist & a member of the Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School
  Michele Chaban Founder, & Matriarch, for almost 20 years of the Applied Mindful Meditation community in Toronto
  Eveline Crone Dutch Developmental Cognitive Neuroscientist; author of the book, The Adolescent Brain
  Richard Davidson Premier Neuroscientist studying Mindfulness; committed to helping people cultivate well-being
  Jackie Davis Youth Circus education pioneer with >20 years' experience. Mime who trained with Marcel Marceau
  Rena Del Pieve Gobbi An accomplished filmmaker; seeks to empower those, like herself, who suffer from severe mental illness
  Don Druin Molecular Geneticist; Whitewater Rafting & Wilderness Survival Instructor; built 1st mock MRI scanner
  Silvia Dubovoy Montessori Educator & Trainer of Trainers for children 0-3 & 3-6 years; worked closely with Carl Rogers
  Elissa Epel International Expert on stress, well-being, & optimal aging; best-selling author (The Telomere Effect)
  Laurie Faith Co-Author of Executive Function Skills in the Classroom: Overcoming Barriers, Building Strategies  
  Valter Fernandes Physical education teacher with a PhD in Mental Health from the Federal Uni. of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil  
  Erica Frank Founder, NextGenU.org (offers FREE education worldwide). Past President, Physicians for Social Responsibility  
  Ellen Galinsky President, Families and Work Institute. Best-selling author (Mind in the Making). Past President, NYAEC  
  Mary Gordon Founder & President, Roots of Empathy. Social entrepreneur committed to increasing compassion  
  Alison Granger-Brown For 22 years has supported the transformational learning, growth, & development of people in prison  
  Judy Graves 1st Advocate in Vancouver City Hall for the homeless. High school drop-out, holds 4 honorary doctorates  
  Mark Greenberg Founding Board Member, CASEL. Chair, CREATE for Education, a non-profit promoting caring & compassion  
  Hayes Greenfield Founder, Creative Sound Play for pre-K classrooms. An award-winning musician, composer, & sound artist  
  James Heckman Nobel Laureate in Economics. Studies efficacy of early childhood education for reducing inequality  
  Kathy Hirsh-Pasek Developmental Psychologist championing the importance of play. Author of several best-selling books  
  Lesley Horton Family physician with a special interest in Environmental Medicine, especially environmental pathogens  
  Trevor Hurwitz Both a Neurologist and Psychiatrist, he is the Father of Neuropsychiatry in BC & of NP Training in Canada  
  Thupten Jinpa Was Chief Translator for the Dalai Lama for decades. Developed Compassion Cultivation Training  
  Tedd Judd Neuropsychologist working on culturally appropriate practices in low- & middle-income countries  
  Gilles Julien Father of Community Social Pediatrics. Member, Ordre du Canada; Commander, Ordre de Montréal  
  Natasha Kirkham Professor, Developmental Psychology, Birkbeck College, University of London. Studies selective attention in infants & preschoolers  
  Torkel Klingberg Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute. A leading developer & researcher of Cogmed™  
  Patricia Kuhl Internationally recognized for her research on early language learning and bilingual brain development  
  Kimberley Lakes Passionate about global child health and holistic, culturally relevant interventions to promote well-being  
  Amy Lansing Leading researcher on why juvenile offenders offend, their mental health challenges, & how best to help  
  Lynne Lawrence Executive Director, International Montessori Association (AMI). Very active in Educateurs sans Frontières  
  Deborah Leong Co-Developer & Director, Tools of the Mind, a curriculum emphasizing play for developing self-regulation  
  Daphne Ling Award-winning Neuroscience Graduate Student. Important studies of the dopamine system in PFC  
  Regina Lohndorf Developmental Psychologist, working with indigenous Mapuche to preserve & revive their culture & language  
  Christine Loock Physician who co-founded & leads, RICHER (the social pediatrics initiative in Vancouver's poorest area)  
  Angela Low Ed. psychologist focused on shame & compassion in parent education. Provincial lead for child health promotion  
  Gabor Maté Author of best-sellers, e.g., When the Body Says No and The Myth of Normal. Member of the Order of Canada  
  Andrew Meltzoff Pioneer in early social-cognitive development, especially infant imitation & roots of infant sharing & altruism  
  John Mighton Founder & Director, JUMP Math. Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Ashoka Fellow. Member of the Order of Canada  
  Rabia Mir Brilliant Interdisciplinary Graduate Student, giving a voice to those marginalized and disadvantaged  
  Juan-Felipe Molano Conductor, Seattle Youth Orchestra; previously National Director, Batuta (Colombia's El Sistema Orchestras)  
  Brenda Morrison Director, Centre for Restorative Justice, Simon Fraser University. Board Member, Smart Justice Canada  
  Yuko Munakata Preeminent Developmental Psychologist. Viral TEDx talk on the science behind how parents affect their children  
  Loise Nashepai A Maasai school administrator, committed to quality education for poor children & rescued girls in Kenya  
  Maung Nyeu Founder & Director, Our Golden Hour, extending education opportunities for marginalized & underserved kids  
  Jelena Obradovic Created innovative, scalable assessments of EF skills & a global repository of EF data to support open sci.  
  Orange County School
of the Arts
A public charter school, catering to students with talents in the performing, visual, literary, or culinary arts
  Patrizio Paoletti Encourages people to go beyond social, personal, & cultural stereotypes to achieve self-realization  
  Priscilla Paz MD & graduate student in Public Health; Studying whether improving balance might improve executive functions  
  Michael Posner Giant in Cog. Sci. Co-founded field of Cog. Neurosci. Recipient of highest US honor, National Medal of Science  
  Andrea Raza-Álvaro Works w/ descendants of the indigenous Quitu-Cara tribe in Ecuador to provide quality, holistic education  
  Trevor Robbins Systems Neuroscientist specializing in frontal lobe function. Commander, Order of the British Empire  
  Barbara Rogoff Pioneer and Leader in Cross-Cultural Human Development; award-winning author of multiple books  
  Saint James Music Academy A non-profit El Sistema music program committed to social change through the power & love of music  
  Michele Sam A Ktunaxa elder, guided by principles based on Indigenous Peoples’ ways of being, doing, and knowing  
  Cliff Saron Neuroscientist, specializing in the training of attention & emotion regulation thru contemplative practice  
  Justin Scarimbolo A classical guitarist, Hindustani sitarist, and ethnomusicologist based in Pune, India  
  Kim Schonert-Reichl NoVo Foundation Endowed Chair in Social & Emotional Learning. Chair, Science Research Advisory Committee, Goldie Hawn Foundation  
  Seattle Youth Orchestra Founded in 1942, the largest youth orchestra training program in the US. Headed by Molano since 2019
  Jenny Seham Teaches blind youth to dance and gives youth with mental-health challenges creative, artistic outlets  
  André Shearer Founder & Chair, Indaba Foundation, which brings quality early education to South Africa’s most vulnerable children  
  Daniel Siegel Author of many best-selling books, including Mindsight, Intraconnected, Whole-Brain Child, & many more  
  Tania Singer Professor of Social Neuroscience & the leading neuroscience researcher on empathy and compassion  
  Hélène (Sioui) Trudel A Montreal Lawyer, Mediator, & Founder of an innovative children’s-rights-based approach to child health  
  Monica Tsethlikai Researching the role cultural connectedness plays in shaping cognitive development; a member of the A:shiwi people  
  Christa Turksma Co-Developer, CARE for Teachers program; Clinical Child Psychologist; was a Kindergarten teacher for many years
  Bessel van der Kolk
  Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Winner of Juno & Grammy awards. The largest arts organization in Western Canada  
  Robert Vichnis Sculptor, Clinician, Social Worker, & 5th degree Black Belt in Aikido (which means "the way of harmony")  
  Margaret Weiss ADHD Expert. Previously headed BC's ADHD program, a Centre of Excellence for treatment, teaching, & research  
  Michiel Westenberg Expert on social anxiety in adolescence; Science Director Emeritus, National Institute for the Study of Education & Human Development  
  Amanda Woodward Pioneered ingenious experimental methods for investigating social cognition in infants & young children  
  Karen Wynn Developmental Psychologist; Emerita Professor, Yale University; Painter and Printmaker
  Nancy Yáñez Indigenous lawyer specializing in human rights. Founder & Co-Director, Observatory for Rights of Indigenous Peoples 

The link to the Adele Diamond lab website: www.devcogneuro.com